🎁Twitter Chests

In XLab, Twitter Chests are special virtual containers filled with surprises and valuable items. Here's how they work:

Daily Chest Opportunities

Every day, you have the chance to open two chests on XLab's Twitter. This means twice a day, you can discover exciting rewards.

News Discoveries

When you browse XLab's Twitter news, keep an eye out for three random articles containing hidden chests. These articles are gateways to potential treasures.

What's Inside

When you open a chest, you can expect to find a range of valuable items. These include:

$BLAB: A special token with significant value in the XLab ecosystem, used for upgrading pets. Food: Essential for keeping pets well-nourished and healthy.

The BLAB in the chest can be used to upgrade pets and buy food. The BLAB can not be withdrawn and will not be counted in the user’s Total Spend.

Balanced Rewards

The rewards obtained from opening chests are carefully balanced to enhance gameplay. As pets level up, the contents of chests may change to maintain a fair experience for all players.

Therefore, pay close attention to those hidden chests in Twitter articles. Each one is an opportunity to enrich your pet's life with essential items and tokens.

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