ðŸ‘ūPVE (Adventure)

Your pets not only work in the laboratory but also can go on adventures!

When you own a pet at level 10 or higher, you can participate in adventures. Adventures are divided into multiple zones, and you can send pets of different levels to participate in corresponding adventures.

Zone 1: Pets at levels 10 to 19 are eligible to participate.

Zone 2: Pets at levels 20 to 29 are eligible to participate.

Zone 3: Pets at levels 30 to 39 are eligible to participate.

Zone 4: Pets at levels 40 to 50 are eligible to participate.

Zone 5: Event map, only open during special periods.

Adventure Rewards

Adventure will become a new way for you to earn $BLAB from activities, providing a stable and gradually growing source within the project, with rewards mainly in $BLAB. The amount of $BLAB is taken from 10% of the total revenue generated in our store, pet upgrades, and laboratory upgrades from the previous day (00:00:00-23:59:59 UTC). It is evenly distributed among the adventure areas based on the proportion of players in each zone. The higher the level of the pet, the more $BLAB they are eligible to receive. Zone 2 adventures always have more rewards than Zone 1.

In addition, participating in adventures also has the opportunity to receive 1 to 5-star LEGG fragments, food, and $XLAB. LEGG fragments can be combined into many meaningful NFTs, details of which will be released later, so stay tuned.

Please note: When you claim PVE rewards, pets will be lowered by 3 levels, so please choose the timing of claiming rewards wisely.

The price of $BLAB will undergo cyclical fluctuations due to market forces but will not affect the sustainable growth of the work/incentive economy.

In the future, the PVE battlefield will introduce challenging bosses, and users who encounter and defeat them during exploration will receive rewards. Each map will have a fixed number of bosses, and defeating them all will bring users lucrative rewards.

As the difficulty of the map increases, the strength of the bosses will also increase.

At this point, you will need to assemble a powerful team of pets to challenge them, and NFTs synthesized from LEGG fragments will be the key to your victory.

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