Cultivating $BLAB Tokens for Owners

In XLab, your pets have the opportunity to own and manage a virtual laboratory. This laboratory is a dedicated space for your pets to work hard and earn valuable $BLAB tokens through gameplay interaction. Here's how it all works:

Basic Pet Care Knowledge

Cultivate your pets in the laboratory to obtain higher-level pets. The higher their level, the greater your advantage in PvE and PvP modes.

Whenever you need to use $BLAB (X Layer) in your wallet for upgrading pets, upgrading laboratories, buy pets, buy food, etc., you need to prepare $OKB(X Layer) as Gas, otherwise it will fail.

Purpose of Using the Laboratory

The laboratory is a place to cultivate pets and help them level up. To achieve this goal, we have designed a repeating cycle for you. After each cycle is completed, you will receive the exact amount of $BLAB you spent, as well as a higher-level pet.

All pets will join the laboratory and contribute to it. Each time you upgrade a pet to a higher level, as a reward, Farm will gradually generate a certain amount of $BLAB over 25 days. After 25 days, you will receive the same amount of $BLAB as the upgraded pet. If you continue to use the just received $BLAB to further upgrade your pet, you will start a new cycle.

Of course, you can also accelerate the return cycle by upgrading the laboratory level. It is worth noting that upgrading the laboratory also requires consuming $BLAB, which means you will spend more $BLAB.

This repeating cycle system in the farm operates like a flywheel, allowing your pets to gradually level up and provide you with advantages in PvP and PvE (Adventure) modes. The more income you earn from PvP and PvE, the more you can continue to upgrade your pets.

Additionally, participating in the Laboratory ensures that the $BLAB you spend will never be lost, and your assets remain secure.

Laboratory Parameters

Total Spend

All $BLAB spent by you (including re-spent $BLAB) will be recorded as "Total Spend" (excluding $BLAB from chest rewards).

Total Spend = $BLAB spent on purchasing pets + $BLAB spent on upgrading pets + $BLAB spent on upgrading the laboratory

We guarantee that you will receive all the $BLAB amount shown in Total Spend. Each time you spend $BLAB, you will receive this amount within 25 days.

Distributed and Remain

The "Distributed" parameter is the amount we return to you, and "Remain" is the remaining amount you can continue to receive.

Total Spend - Distributed = Remain

All the $BLAB you spend will be returned to you in the laboratory, so you won't lose anything when upgrading. Each time you spend $BLAB and upgrade, you will receive all the funds as well as a higher-level pet.

The more you enhance your pets, the higher the level of pets you receive, which in turn brings you more income in PvE and PvP. It's a comprehensive economy, where all features intricately intertwine with each other.

Upcoming Functions

XLab will soon unlock extraordinary abilities for pets, unlocking unique characteristics for each pet.

In addition, the potential of pets will also be unleashed, helping them achieve unique rarity transformations, greatly enhancing their combat power.

As pets become stronger, challenges will become more difficult, and unexpected injuries are inevitable. Prompt treatment is required after injury, otherwise your pet's abilities will be greatly reduced, and serious injuries may even prevent them from adventuring for a period of time.

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