🐉Raising Pet


  • Visit the homepage of XLab at https://www.xlab.games. You can choose to download the game directly or go to the plugin store to download it.

  • Visit the Twitter website and authorize your Twitter account for login.

  • After logging in, enhance security by binding your wallet through 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).

  • You can also enhance security by binding your wallet to MetaMask, OKX Wallet, or other wallets after exporting the private key of the plugin wallets.

You can follow these steps to switch to OKX Wallet login:

  • Export your XLab chrome extension wallet private key

  • Add OKX Wallet to your Chrome

  • Import your private key to OKX Wallet

  • log in again by OKX Wallet and enjoy the game!

How to export the private key:

Web users:

  1. Open XLab chrome extension

  2. Click Settings and bind Authenticator first

  3. Click Export Wallet and copy the private key

Phone users:

  1. Log in to the XLab page and click My Wallet

  2. Click Settings and bind Authenticator first

  3. Click Export Wallet and copy the private key

Obtain Pets

Users will randomly receive a level 1 pet upon logging into the game. Afterward, users can purchase specific pets from the market.

Once you select a virtual pet, you become their best friend, ensuring their happiness and health. Feed them, play with them, and watch them grow strong and happy in this special digital world. Your trusted pet is also your valuable ally! While you browse Twitter, they are working hard to collect $BLAB tokens.

It's like having a dedicated companion with you as you venture online. Make sure to unlock Twitter chests and participate in the Laboratory to maximize your earnings. This seamless partnership ensures that every moment on the platform is a step towards greater prosperity for the XLab ecosystem.

Health is Important

Just like humans, pets have ways to express their feelings. Your pets have three important health bars that display their strength and health. Every few hours, they will feel a little hungry and lose life points. You need to feed them and keep them in good condition.

Taking care of your pet is like being a good friend. Give them lots of love, feed them, and make sure they have everything they need. When your pets are happy, they perform better, which means you can earn more rewards.

Help Your Pet Feel Better

Pets can sometimes get sick, and virtual pets are no exception! You can use special tools to help them get better. It's like giving them medicine to make them feel strong and healthy again.

Pets Will Help You Earn

Explore Twitter and discover hidden treasure chests. These special rewards will make your pets happier and help you both succeed together.

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